The First Practical AI Solution For Analysts

Our solution is the first of its kind to offer a practical AI use case specifically designed for non-engineering data analysts. We seamlessly combine a no-code interface with advanced language models (LLMs) to handle big data analysis and cleansing without the usual limitations. This is big data analysis made affordable, accessible, efficient, and scalable.

Today is Day 0. Ignoring Day 0 challenges slows progress

Use AI to Transition From Data Wrangling to Data Analysis

Seamlessly automate data cleanup to enable a swift transition to intricate analysis.

We facilitate advanced analytics and predictive insights through cutting-edge LLMs, powered by Google.

Your business is on a continuous and innovative journey, and our data analysis tools adapt effortlessly, blending accuracy with efficiency.

Demo: A practical example of using AI to do the heavy lifting

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The Top 1% of Analytical Expertise is Within Reach

Analysts have used our AI to write tens of thousands of lines of analytical code. In real-world use cases, data cleaning becomes less than 10% of automations.

Non-engineers use our AI for:
- Data consolidation
- Currency conversion
- KPI calculations
- Cohort analysis
- Pipeline analysis
- Win-rate analysis
- Revenue waterfall
- Variance analysis
- Time-series prediction
and much more...

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