What is the Analyst Intelligence Platform?

Invisible Infrastructure

When you sign up we automatically create a personalized data warehouse. Deployable by an intern faster than you can file an IT ticket.

Network Effects

We integrate the best technology so you can access cutting-edge tools from a single location. We connect to thousands of applications.


We make deploying business intelligence as easy as opening a Google Sheet. We take the complexity out of the equation.

Unlimited Capabilities

From hundreds of prebuilt templates, to no-code business intelligence, to writing SQL, the capabilities are infinite.

Trusted by Everyone

Flexible enough for SMB, powerful enough for enterprise.

Next-Gen Automation

We provide the tools that automate the worst parts of your job so you can focus on your career growth.

Testimonal Trusted by Eterprise - Analyst Intelligence Platform

"I used to do a lot of manual work in Google Sheets. Now updating actuals and reports is fast and simple. I'm never going back!"

Neelima Vemuri
FP&A @ Innovapptive

Battle Tested

Our relentless focus on our users leads to the best experience and a lasting partnership.


"We evaluated 8 companies using Vendr and we chose AIP!”

Kevin Bee
VP of Finance @ Cloudbeds

No Implementation

It's not that we give it away for free, we literally don't have one. You can upload a CSV and just go.


Business Intelligence for all. I love the "see, try, buy model!"

Ted Stiefel
VP of Finance @ Sydecar

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