Your pre-built modern FP&A data stack.

A turnkey Google Data Warehouse centralizes, normalizes, and transforms data so that you can plug into Modeling, Reporting, BI, and AI and ML tools - all for less than the price of licensing it internally.

Today is Day 0. Ignoring Day 0 challenges slows progress

Testimonal Trusted by Eterprise - Analyst Intelligence Platform

Reduction in time spent from Accounting close to when forecasts and reports are finished.

10 min

To clean and combine 12 different data sources that feed financial models, spreadsheet reports, and Tableau dashbaords.


Resources required to create a data warehouse complete with Business Intelligence dashboards emailed weekly to the team.

"When companies ask me for advice, the first thing I do is tell them to work with Analyst Intelligence. The insights are instant and unmatched."

Head of Enterprise GTM
Ben Coulombe

Efficient. Accurate. Predictable.

Automation Notebooks deliver predictable results every time.

With storage and data wrangling handled, adopting new technology flips from a challenge to an opportunity.

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It's like a Google Doc that does the work for you, built on Google.

Analyst Intelligence is a simple notebook where you can document, connect, clean, transform, consolidate, and automate - all built on Google BigQuery.

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Connect in a click

Connect data sources with 1-click integrations, or upload CSV files directly.

No IT resources or integration fees, and save money by reusing that connection.


Clean and transform

Free your memory by documenting and automating your data cleanup, consolidation, and analysis processes.


Reuse your work

Connect your transformed data and integrations to thousands of other apps, out of the box.

Half a Decade of Happy Customers!

Corporate FP&A and Fractional Finance teams use AIP to:

  • Connect data sources with a few clicks

  • Build a single source of analytical truth

  • Automate data validations and checks

  • Explore with built-in Business Intelligence

  • Connect to thousands of applications

I have multiple clients that all feel like I support them full-time because I automated the busy work with Analyst Intelligence.

- Fractional Financial Analyst

A technology "middle layer" that actually saves you money.

Fixed-Cost Sharing

We absorb the fixed costs and pass on those savings.

Reusable Integrations

Connect once to BigQuery, reuse it unlimited times.

No Maintenance

Set up in minutes, no IT, completely hassle-free.

Zero Implementation

Deployed instantly, add new tools with a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an FP&A planning tool?

Analyst Intelligence helps you get, clean, transform, and analyze data in a centralized Google Data Warehouse which can then easily feed FP&A planning tools with a single connection (reducing or even eliminating the need for an "implementation").

We are not a financial modeling tool. While "Actuals" comes from many locations (accounting, CRM, HR, billing, spreadsheets, product, etc.) and is aggregated in Analys Intelligence to feed financial models, spreadsheets and purpose-built tools are superb at 3-statement modeling. Advanced analysis is performed in Analyst Intelligence using our code optional notebooks.

Due to popular requests, we provide headcount forecasting and machine learning forecasting capabilities. By plugging into Google's Vertex AI, Analyst Intelligence has advanced machine learning capabilities that allow you to generate forecasts and predictions.

Why does Finance need their own data warehouse?

Finance teams have confidential information, such as salaries and financial plans, that can't be shared outside of a select few. This is why Finance can't utilize a centralized IT data warehouse.

A data warehouse allows Finance teams to consolidate multiple data sources into a single, reliable source of truth. This enhances data accuracy, enables advanced analytics, and improves decision-making processes.

How long does it take to implement?

Implementation is quick and straightforward. Most users learn the platform and automate hours worth of work within a single day.

How do integrations work?

You can connect to data sources with just one click. For example, you can integrate with systems like Salesforce to import bookings, which can then be reused across various applications because it's stored in a centralized data warehouse. This means you only need to connect Salesforce once, instead of multiple times for different tools like business intelligence, planning and analysis, and ad hoc reporting.

This centralized approach saves time and money by eliminating the need for multiple connections - which both reduces direct integration costs and engineering resources.

Do you replace my spreadsheet?

No, we back your spreadsheet up with a database. You choose what part of your processes you can automate.

Our platform integrates with Google Sheets and other spreadsheet tools, allowing you to consolidate data and perform advanced analysis without forcing you to change the way you work.

Do I lose control of my data?

You have complete access to all of your data at all times. Most tools try to make it difficult to leave by holding your data hostage, but our business model is built on making your data accessible and reusable anywhere.

Since the data is stored in Google Cloud, you can easily view, retrieve, manage, and control your data, ensuring full transparency and ownership.

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is highly secure. Our platform is built on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which provides robust security features, including isolated GCP projects, real-time monitoring, disaster recovery, and data backup.

Is it only for big companies?

Our platform is built for teams without a lot of resources.

Small and large companies can benefit from the automation, advanced analytics, and integration capabilities.

How much does the platform cost?

We offer scalable pricing models tailored to fit your budget, ensuring cost-efficiency and maximum value. We need to know a little bit about your data sizes, the apps and templates you'd like included, and if you'd like white-glove support with best practices and analysis.

Please contact our team for a detailed pricing quote based on your specific needs.

How easy is it to use?

Our platform is designed with usability in mind, featuring a no-code interface for non-technical users. We provide on-demand virtual training and 24/7 support by phone, email, or instant message.

Success is guaranteed.

How can I take advantage of AI and Machine Learning?

We've infused artificial intelligence throughout the platform to assist with documentation, training, error fixing, and even advanced analysis. By integrating directly with Google's Vertex AI and machine learning suite, we enable you to leverage Google's vast AI and ML investments.

You can build machine learning models, forecast, and predict without needing any coding knowledge.

How do I get started?

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